Honeycomb bed holdown pins

Thank you for this, I finally cut a few and they work great.

These were the very first things I cut with my Glowforge (even before the sample ruler, etc.) and I’ve used them every day since! THANK YOU!!!


Now you need a ‘proper’ holder for those pins!


Thanks these have been a lifesaver today!

Anybody try these on paper? Wondering if the air assist will pick up my cards and these wont do any good. I’m waiting for my magnets to engrave these blank playing cards!

Light paper needs to go on a tacky board that either you can make or you can buy, otherwise the cutouts will end up in the exhaust fan.

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Could you go into more detail? Also i plan on doing such low power and doing an engrave. Dont want to go through and hopefully go so shallow that you couldn’t see what was engraved on the other side.

Sure, most any paper that is light enough to go through a laser printer is light enough that small cutouts will fly, I even get it sometimes with chipboard.
The solution(s) are to make or buy something that will hold all of it down sorta like the tacky sheets for hobbie paper cutters. I’ve seen people use low tack spray adhesave, panters tape and several other home brewed soulutions. Just make sure you don’t have too much tack or you will end up ripping your end product.

Here is a commercial solution that works well: Seklema Engraving Table Hold Down Mat


I love this picture. I’m a sucker for the “photo op” when I make things. Glad they are helpful. Simple tools to get the best results are always worth sharing. I have many more to share but recent personal/ and professional demands have kept me from my sanctuary (my maker space). I will be back!!!


i’ve brought these to my office as well. had to resize them to fit the honeycomb on the universal laser there. i’ve loved the reactions from all the architects saying, “damn, i wish i had known about these in school.”


These are amazing. Should ship with GF and be part of the catalog. Game change wrt precision.

Thank you!!!


These are so helpful, saved me from having to glue lighter pieces down. Thanks for the design!

Thanks for these! I finally cut some today and they saved me a piece of acrylic, plus helped a lot with some unruly leather!

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I don’t know how I lived before these! They are amazing! THANK YOU!

I agree wholeheartedly that these should be in the catalog of items we get with the GF!!


I love these pins so much! Thank you! :heart:

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Love these little beauties. Printed about a dozen. Works great!
Thanks :grin:

Nice! I redesigned them a hair. They have more of a spring tension fit and, if cut from 3mm plywood, they fit and stay 90 degrees instead of 45 degrees

Thank you!


Phil - any chance of getting the new file on your site?


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I’ll post it with Props to the original creator this afternoon. Everyone’s Crumb tray maybe slightly different so it’s best to cut one and test.