Honeycomb bed holdown pins

I love the efficiency in your updated design. I tend to only use one side of the bed pins anyway. Care to share your updated design file with the fellow forge team members? All in favor say “I”!!! Great stuff!



Sure if you want some phallic pins i wont stop you lol. My dad was kind enough to point it out after i sent him a picture of the ones i just cut :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
One thing i found that would always happen with origional design is when i press them in i would also press on the un sported side and it would cause them to crack just below the head, with this style im forced to either press onto the piece or straight down. harder to break.
5 bed pins mk 2.5.zip (2.9 KB)


Dang… I’ve probably only ever printed a dozen or less since this design was posted, and still have half that number sitting around.


i find mine tend to wear out and i’ve been a bit rough on them i guess lol. These ones are good for someone with meathooks like me that tends to break stuff. and they look neat in the holder i made out of some scraps.


I just mean I rarely need to use them.


ah icic. i work with 1/4 plywood that can go on a roller coaster sometimes after its cut, usually just a small bow that i cant really get out with wetting one side. And use them a lot for when i dont want the board to be moved like when im prototyping something and inspecting it between steps. just an extra level of security as i dont use the camera to line stuff up.


They are invaluable when needed, for sure.

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its nice to have a hammer when you are surrounded by nails

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Thanks. I use them all the time and I wear them out and break them too, I have some wavy boards and they really come in handy to help flatten them down for consistent laser results.

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not a problem any time. Let me know how they work out for you, always looking for ways to make them better.

I have used them, and they can really hold down, but I’m a bit shy pushing down on the bed hard enough to seat them, wary of bending the tray surface. :grimacing:

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You won’t harm the bed, although you might end up with broken pins stuck in some of the holes. You can push those broken pieces thru with a screwdriver or similar.


I had this problem early on - the suggestion I got was to run an X cut through the pieces (with a height of .01 - or whatever the smallest was) - it worked the like a charm! The quartered pieces with the freedom of kerf fell right out :slight_smile:


Thanks for creating and sharing these - way better than duct tape!

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So I just tried cutting from the original file 8 different sets of 4. Couldn’t get them to cut through medium PG draft board. Tried the focus trick, tried cutting it 2x, cleaned the entire machine and the lenses, mirrors, etc. Was freaking out that my machine was broken but then tried a different file and my machine is fine. Obviously there’s a ton of you on here that were successful with the original file, not sure why it wouldn’t work for me? Thoughts? I did use the resized file that was posted in the comments and got 4 pins so I’m back in business. Just not sure why the file would be the issue for me but worked for all of you…

I apologize for the silly question, but I am new to Glowforge, so am allowing myself a few stupid newbie questions. I would like to cut some of the honeycomb hold-down pins, so have downloaded the file. When I open (Inkscape - to duplicate so as not to upload 10 times in Glowforge) the pin is as big as my workspace. Can anyone tell me what approximate size these pins are?

And another question concerning magnets. I use 3mm baltic birch quite often, and they are sometimes warped. With my K40, I always used magnets to hold in place. I was cutting something on my Glowforge the other day, with a couple magnets for hold-down, and I got an error - said the cooling fan was not working properly and machine had to cool down, “possibly from magnets on the workspace”. This scared the bejesus out of me… thinking I have ruined my brand new Glowforge! Anyone else encounter this? Something I should worry about?

Just upload once, then copy/paste in the GF UI to make as many copies as you want.

The file is already correctly sized for cutting.

As to magnets, I’ve been using heavy neodymium magnets for two years. I’ve never had any warnings or issues, but several have.

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Ok, thank you very much!

Ok, now I’m feeling even more silly. I have uploaded the file, click on it to copy, but cannot paste. What am I doing wrong?

Command or Ctrl C to copy, Command or Ctrl V to paste.

Just like any other application.