Honeycomb Tray packing help-- urgent and likely easy!


This is likely an easy question, but would appreciate any quick advice. I’m packing for an international move-- movers coming tomorrow-- and did my final cuts (for the next few months) today… :cry: So here’s the question…based on the Packing/Moving step by step instructions in the manual, I’m doing the first steps of taking laser head off, packing crumb tray, putting on guards, etc – so that the movers only lift into the original GF box and close it up basically. (And I’ve got a print out of the packing guide for them to see and initial the steps they do.) There are no pics in the Moving or the Unpacking parts of the manual for how the honeycomb tray goes in its box-- it’s face up as I recall, yes? And does the totally straight edge of the honeycomb go towards the hinge of the lid or front of the box? Seems like maybe it doesn’t matter?? Just wanting to take every bit of care to make sure my beloved GF makes it safely to our new life across the pond! (And hello to any UK GF users-- coming your way from Michigan, USA!)

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Goodness, it’s been too long, I have no memory of that…face up makes sense, and it doesn’t seem like it would matter which edge goes where, unless it’s closer to the side of the box on one edge, in which case I’d put the straight edge there.

Good luck with your move, that’s a big one!

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Thanks @geek2nurse , that’s right! The crumb tray should be packed face up. I’m going to close this thread - if the problem reoccurs, go ahead and post a new topic. Thanks for letting us know about this!

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