Hope to make one of these Helicones

Looks like a neat toy but I would like to make one for slightly less then they are asking on my Glowforge.



Ha! $75 bucks!


Uh, yeah! ROFL!

What do you guys value your own work and time at?


I am at $75 an hour and I am guessing they are a little over an hour to assemble alone without counting time of the cutter. Sounds like a fair price. Plus come on a magnetic enclosure that it will never be in again after it is opened. Who wouldn’t pay that price for the box alone?


Lol, I actually almost bought it a few months ago for a gift. It’s just a lot of cash. (As a comedian even more)


It’s a fair enough price…

If I didn’t have a Glowforge on the way.


The brass rod alone must be worth like 35 bucks, I mean, it is brass!

I hope the sarcasm came out ok.

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i wouldnt buy it. I think its a bit high. I would be shocked if assembly was over 30 min.
Definitely making one once i have a GF.

Plus, they are being retailed, so designer is getting a wholesale price for them.

Material cost for sculpture
Material cost for box + production
Laser time
Assembly and packaging time
Shipping time/expense
And if, per usual, selling for wholesale at half of retail.

The guy has some pretty cool work:


everything is too expensive when you know how to make stuff


It’s a double edged sword.
Makes you undervalue your work.


or fix it. My in-laws were in Wall St businesses for years. Not rich, but higher end of Middle class(well, before inflation since the 80s may have been Upper class…just)…“Just take it to the shop and have them fix it.” …for something I could do on my own, in the same amount of time(not including travel) for about half the cost.

“Just have do it. He’s a professional.” …but I did the same thing for 10 years in business. I’m certain I can do it here in the house… >sigh< :smirk:


I like to occasionally do DIY stuff around the house to remind myself why there are professionals who do these things for a living.

Can I add a bunch of outlets in my home? Sure!
Will it be cheaper than paying an electrician to do it? Of course!
At the end of the project, will I still wish I’d just hired an electrician to do it anyway? You better believe it.


In the case of my stepfather it is hiring an electrician to repair what he tried to do himself :slight_smile:


Probably true of my father-in-law as well. I’d already wall mounted a TV, extended a circuit to the wall behind the TV, replaced a GF circuit(not girlfriend OR Glowforge in the case), and replaced a hardwired doorbell driver by the time he got to telling me I should get a professional to do it(after my wife started freaking that I was doing it myself).
Do need to finish that project. Got a line for the sub run from the wall mounted sound bar to behind the couch but still need to run a 40’ HDMI cable from the TV under the floor to where the PS3 is. Complete with wall pass through so it looks nice of course. Need money though.


there was a sign at the shop where I used to take my jeep for fabrication work.
it read

$65 an hour for work.
$75 an hour if you watch.
$85 an hour if you help.
$95 an hour if you already tried to do it yourself and failed.


being able to do things myself was one of the reasons my wife married me. aside from my stunning good looks and charm. :slight_smile:


I’m afraid it’s the one reason my wife married me :smile:


Chuckle! There is great truth in that.

Had a date with a guy whose fuel pump in his 10 year old work van cratered while we were out. He popped over to Auto Zone for about 10 minutes, dropped the darned gas tank right there in the parking lot, and switched it out.

Forget the flashy cars fellas…gals love a guy who “Travels with Tools”!

(Married that poor sucker before some other gal figured out what he was! Dumped the rather tedious guy with the Porche (that I had been seeing) to do it too.) :smile: