Hoping to comission a current GF owner to do some prototyping

Hey Guys,

I just preordered my Glowforge recently and I am so excited to get making things, that I’d like to commission a current GF owner to do some prototyping and testing for me. I am willing to pay :slight_smile:

I have done some 3D renders of a coaster design to get an idea of the final product. I can supply proper files for cutting as well.

Anyone interested? feel free to reply or email me directly

instagram @benmoriconi


You may want to remove the referal code. Forum no-no.


Oh thanks @karaelena! Done. Probably should pay more attention to the rules :slight_smile:


If someone here doesn’t step up, you might try Ponoko.com, it’s where I went for my laser-cut stuff before the GF shipped

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Hey thanks for the heads up! I actually just found out about them earlier today. What kind of things did you have made?

Sent ya and email!


I made these trophies last year with acrylic through Ponoko:

Nice! They came out great

Since you’re a fellow 'forger, just toss me a note if you still need someone. Depending on the extensiveness of what you want I might have you buy the materials but if it’s not a ton, I have a fair bit of PG and non-PG stock that I can use that’s already paid for :slight_smile: GF provided the PRU, I don’t mind paying it forward. I see @markwarfel also volunteered so maybe we can handle what you need.

I can also give you guest access so you could get used to the UI and process and not have to ship files back & forth. Then just need to send the results via USPS or something.


Hey James!

Thank you for offering to help! I would love to check out guest access! It would be so amazing to familiarize myself with the software so I am ready to go once my unit ships.

I have to say that this community of makers is pretty amazing. Everyone is so helpful. I have only been here for a couple days and am already feeling very welcomed. So happy to be a part of it.

I am currently working with @markevans36301 He has been a great help so far and hopefully later today I will get to see the first test cut. Very exciting.

Thanks again and if you need anything from me don’t hesitate to ask



Okay. Once you & @markevans36301 have your first iterations done, let me know if you want to do anything via remote access to the GFUI on mine.


Ok awesome Thanks! They are coming out pretty great so far btw. Super excited