Lasered trophies



I made trophies for my scooter club’s annual spring opening rally, and I’m pretty happy how they came out. I was hoping to make them on my Glowforge, but as it became clear I wouldn’t have it in time, I used Ponoko and paid a little extra for rush. Usually our trophies are assembled with spare scooter parts, so I wanted to make something different, you’d actually want to display on a shelf.

This is my first real laser project, so be kind :stuck_out_tongue:

Hoping to comission a current GF owner to do some prototyping

That’s a great trophy! I’d display that!

I’ve stumbled upon some other laser cut trophies on my searches. For inspiration:


Those look great man! Stacked colored acrylic is one of my favorite materials to look at. It looks like candy. Awesome work


Very nice!
I like the bolt-up construction.


Looks awesome @potentato! Love the black cut-out on top of white, it pops so well!


Very nice. When I Lived in Italy I had a '68 Lambretta that was unstoppable. I miss it. Cool trophies.


Very cool! But just wondering, will there also be some type of engraved inscriptions added, that state who won it / what the award represents?


That is cool! Would have been cooler if they made it out of thinner sheets and more into a tube, and also added a surfer and board in the tube…




I am insanely jealous you lived in Italy. May I ask where?


Rome in the mid 80s. Italy was a top football team. Roma had won the scudetto and the Italian football league was the best in the world.


Oh man now I’m even MORE jealous haha. My grandmother was born in Rome so I’ve been lucky enough to visit a couple times to see family, but the longest I’ve ever stayed was only six weeks( five of which were for a study abroad- best weeks of my life!).

Also, @darkdesign, I’ve been looking through the laser cut trophies on the link you shared- great source of inspiration! Thanks for sharing!!


@potentato Those are great all around! The whole reason I bought the GF was to make the time from idea to done as close to nil as is possible - if I had to guess, next year’s rally might have another 10-15 awards to be given out because you won’t want to stop making them :slight_smile: @darkdesign That Potato Press link really inspires me to think that it is possible to make a living doing exactly what they are doing - fantastic. Thanks!


I did not add any info on the awards themselves, I wanted them to be appreciable as decor without words. Maybe if I actually had the GF available I could have personalized them.