Hopper priorities?

@dan When you like an idea you say it will go “in the hopper” but from this side we have no idea if that means “cool, maybe someday” or “wow, we need to get on this as soon as everything we promised is working”.

So would it be possible for you guys to publish the top ten things in the hopper?


A few answers, none of which are probably quite what you were hoping for…

We’re going to focus 100% on what we’ve already committed to. Some hopper items may get picked up along the way because they were a part of another project or someone was inspired to stay late and bang it out, but generally, hopper comes after work we’ve promised you. That means it comes after shipping, of course.

Even then, we want to underpromise and overdeliver. That may seem weird because crowdfunding is kind of the opposite of that, so it’s not our history - we had to announce our feature list way before it was in your hands. But once we dig ourselves out of our existing commitments, we’ll lean towards surprising you with cool stuff, vs. publishing a schedule and clomping along towards it.

Finally, we’re not going to differentiate between the two things you describe (‘coming soon’ and ‘probably never’). We won’t have certainty. Our priorities will shift based on the feedback we get, and today’s urgent task may get put off indefinitely if we discover people don’t care as much as we thought - or vice versa. Finishing one thing may either preclude or accelerate the need for another.

I know folks would love to peek into the future and see what’s next. I also know that as much fun as it is, it’s usually not in the best interests of the product.

So to end a long reply to a short question… I’m afraid we’re not going to do that. (Of course, that too may be subject to change some day as well!)


Hey, I can live with that. Forthright answer. Not what I might hope for but hey I ask and got some insight direct from dan so thanx.


love me some pleasant surprises! :slight_smile:

Anticipation…an-ti-ci-payayay-tion…is makin’ me wait…


Competition etc kind of makes that impossible, I get that. But oh to see that scrum board!


LOL, I like how your mind connected the word “anticipation” to the Carly Simon song. My brain went here:


Ahhhh! Dr. Frank-N-Furter I presume. :smile:


Who has the BEST twitter account ever (check the post dates)



Now that is playing the long game.


That is awesome! ROFL! :smile:

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