Horizontal lines on slate engraving

I just entered the world of engraving slate and am having issues with getting a “perfect” image engraved (see pictures). Has anyone else also ran into horizontal lines showing up across their engraving and know how to solve it?

Power: 30
Speed: 905
LPI: 270

I have seen banding like that before. It went away when I changed LPI settings. I never looked into it more. Try taking your LPI up one notch.

You can also do multiple tests on one piece, no need to run the whole thing if you see it going bad!


@GrooveStranger may be right, though it looks like it may be variation in the material to me. If I were testing I’d up the power significantly, at least double. If it still happens then you’d know for sure.

You might like this:

The oil trick is really nice with slate.

Also, you can sand slate smooth and reuse it in a pinch. Might be useful if you are running low on test material.


I ran a few more test on one coaster and upped the LPI and that helped a little but still getting lines. I will try upping the power next.

Interesting… Please keep us posted. Good luck!

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