Horrible Customer Service Experience

Hoping that this posting will help to get my issue resolving. I have an existing case open with support but response times are so slow - CURRENTLY ON DAY 4 and it’s not a new issue. We have identified that my machine has an issue. A representative ordered a replacement lens on March 5. It didn’t arrive until March 29!!! I had to contact Glowforge after a couple weeks to ask what was going on and why it was taking so long. I install the new lens hoping that my issues will be solved but on my FIRST cut there is an issue on Proofgrade material; the cut did not go all the way through.

CLEARLY I need a replacement machine or a refund at this point. I run a business with this machine and I lose money due to wasted materials that aren’t cutting through and time waiting for it to focus and calibrate.

If a manager could be assigned to my case or if someone could CALL ME I would be delighted.

When the product works it is lovely but the customer service is sadly very lacking.

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While you’re waiting, was your material absolutely flat on the honeycomb tray? There’s almost always a little bit of warp, which is why hold down pins or magnets are pretty much a necessity, since any little bit of warp can keep it from cutting through.



Okay. Support is going to ask you to cut a “gift of good measure” from PG draft board and take photos of the back side for them, so you could get a head start on that while waiting for them to respond. :slight_smile:

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Another thing to check…did you install the replacement lens correctly? (Bowl side goes up into the head from the bottom.)

Having it in there upside down will affect the cut and could damage the head.


I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.