Horrible Service

I don’t trust you Glowforge this is 28 pages of me trying to get my issue resolved and 9 different technicians changing the story and the last 3 of sending the unit back changing the story. You delete my account because I have requested service? This is horrible customer service!!!

Gmail - Re_ [Glowforge] Re_ My Glowforge is not cutting proofgrade acrylic thi…_.pdf (4.6 MB)

Did you ever find the shipping labels that were attached on the post from Victoria on August 14th?

I realize that the process takes a long time, but that is partially because you are inadvertently making things much harder on yourself than you need to. The way their system works is you submit one email to support to discuss the problem, wait to hear back from them on that email, and then reply to that email, to keep all of the pertinent information in one thread.

The more posts you open in the Problems and Support section, the more tickets get opened for you, the more different people look at it, and it basically starts you over from scratch each time. (Which would frustrate the hell out of anyone.)

They are doing their best to get you a new machine, but they have to work through the factory that manufactures them…they are not going to have an exact date for you until it ships. Their policy is also to not contact customers until they have something firm.

(If they said it would ship within ten days, that is the estimate they got from the factory, and it’s probably the best estimate.)

I can understand the need to make special arrangements if you are disabled, so what I would suggest doing if you haven’t already done it is to sign up for UPS MyChoice and FedEx delivery notifications. When the factory ships, you will know about it before Glowforge does. You can possibly also arrange for a pickup at your home from FedEx or UPS - depending on who they set you up with for shipping. (I didn’t look at the labels.)

For your own safety, you might want to take down that PDF file. It’s got a lot of your personal information in it.

Hang in there, it can take some time for them to arrange for a replacement. But they will do their best to make it right. There’s no need to worry about fraud, they honor their warranties and will do their best to get you a functional machine. (It’s not going to happen as soon as you would like though - it never does.)


I am signed up for all of those accounts. If you read the emails I have been patient. They did not do anything in the time from the initial complaint until today that takes longer than 20 minutes. The techs didn’t read the post or their own notes on more than one occasion I have not had use of this thing in over 10 days this is HORRIBLE SERVICE !!! I had to email to remind them to send the labels this is ridiculous

Looks like there were definitely some misunderstandings in there. (But you should really take that pdf down…it shows too much personal info.) :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m so sorry for the confusion! I believe the biggest issue today is a mistaken communication – your replacement Glowforge has shipped and is on its way to you.

I’m also grateful for your feedback. We’re constantly working to improve and you’ll see us get better over time.

I’ve replied to your email, and am closing this thread.

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