Horrible Ventalation

hello here lately Ive been having trouble with my ventilation on my machine. I removed the duct coming from the fan and cleared ,and cleaned all the dust build up. However Im still getting a lot of fumes from the cutter. can any one help?

How did the exhaust fan look? It may be time for it to be cleaned.


Are you venting outside? If there is not enough air being drawn out of the machine, it will find its way out where there should be air flowing in. Even the exhaust to outside sometimes has anti-critter screening of some sort that can jam with gunk. That would cause positive pressure in the exhaust and any holes there will leak as well.

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A properly vented machine operates under a low pressure, all fumes will be drawn out. I have 35’ of ducting from my machine and never smell a thing unless I open the lid immediately after a print. I removed the built-in exhaust fan (which had failed) years ago, and have an inline duct fan near the window the ducting exhausts through.

There is nothing wrong with your machine, you need to re-evaluate your exhaust setup.


It was very dirty a lot of build up. I cleaned from the outside thinking i got the problem but no still really strong still.

It probably needs to be thoroughly cleaned.

The official method is with Novec degreaser; you can find that here:

Or you can do it this way:


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