Hose Length Limit?

I have to move my GF to a location further away from a window, which means I need a longer flexible exhaust hose. Is there a limit to the length the hose can be so the GF can still vent the smoke properly?

Yes - 8’ - presuming no more than 2 major turns - but if you haven’t already I will heartily recommend turning off the internal fan, and getting an external one which you put at the end of that 8’ (or whatever) run, it’ll be SO MUCH quieter.

Here’s a whole thread on it:


Thank you so much! And – now I’m off to find this in line fan…

Your Glowforge is designed to operate with the included exhaust hose connected to the outside with a maximum of two 90 degree bends or to your Compact Filter with a maximum of three 90 degree bends. If you configure your exhaust differently, the Glowforge unit may not be able to expel enough air, and it could cause smoke and fumes to enter the room. Because ventilation is complex and poor ventilation could cause smelly and even dangerous results, we can’t advise on exhaust configurations other than what’s described in the Glowforge Manual at https://glowforge.com/manual.

If you do want to configure your exhaust differently, there are some great resources on the forum that can help. You can post in the Beyond the Manual section of our community forums to see if the community has suggestions: https://community.glowforge.com/c/beyond-the-manual. Note however that advice in this section is unsupported and is not reviewed by Glowforge.

Regardless of how you configure your exhaust, please follow these instructions from the user manual to avoid a serious safety hazard: “There may be some odor present while printing. However, if you detect a strong, sharp smell that also causes eyes, nose, or throat irritation, or if there is visible smoke escaping while the lid is closed, stop immediately and re-check your exhaust setup. If the irritation and/or smoke emissions do not abate, discontinue using your Glowforge and contact support.”

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