Hot Foil Stamping

And to think that the Eastern iconographers have to fast and pray to write icons as beautiful as this. Thanks for sharing.


It’s absolutely stunning!

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Yes…basically, that’s true. Took me quite a while to realize that I had to print out the entire image in B/W first though…then add the layers on afterward. Duh! :slight_smile:

Thank you. When I worked in the office at a seminary some years ago,I did some very interesting reading about ‘praying’ an icon. There was a monk there that was well-known for this type of art.


If it was Mt. Angel we have a connection. A former student of mine studied under a master there. He is doing his doctorate now and writes some amazing icons.


I’ve done some foiling like this for Christmas Cards in the past. It’s pretty neat and easy to do on paper.

I don’t know if this video on Laser cut foil has been posted in the forum, but thought it would be a good fit in this shiny topic.

The product allows you to apply the foil directly to the substrate, then raster away parts of it, leaving the unengraved area foiled. Or, you can vector engrave, then peel away part of the foil, leaving some with the original material exposed and some foiled. Even apply to cheap material, cut it out and get the look of shiny metal on the surface of a shape.

Here’s one vendor to give you an idea of the price. A 6" x 25’ roll for about $32. With judicious trimming coupled with the Glowforge camera alignment, I imagine this roll could go pretty far. I’m definitely going to try it.


Oh boy…a small world occurrence…thousands of miles apart. SO cool and always fascinating to me. Yes, it was indeed, Mt. Angel.


The world gets smaller every day :wink:

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I really enjoyed the video and would love to try that myself…hopefully sooner than later. I also bookmarked the laser foil supply page. Thank you


That turned out amazingly well! I can’t believe how well the printer printed on the foil. That’s awesome. Thanks for sharing your experiments and the process. I honestly probably wouldn’t have tried printing on the foil at all.

I can picture the final result matted and frame and looking just phenomenal.


Outta likes…again! :+1: Since this was part of my learning curve, I figured there was only one way to find out how toner would print on foil…and now we know. Now that I have the process and experimentation down for this, I’m going to do the same image again but make sure I don’t make any mistakes…and make it frame worthy as a Christmas gift for my daughter. Then, I’m going to begin working on another one. Addictive!


Thanks for the video link.

It now get me thinking of other uses for the lasering foil.


So… referring to the video, is it just adhesive-backed and the laser is only cutting/engraving it? Is there any heat-based adhesion/extra bonding from the lasering process? Or is essentially comparable to sign-vinyl and Wrap Film in terms of how it sticks to stuff and how it wears?


How hot the platen? My pizza press does go to 200 degrees F.

It’s all adhesive backed. Apparently it bonds tightly over time. One other video out there recommends applying the foil and weeding out any excess within a short period of time. @marmak3261 No heat Is necessary with the foil I referenced. Don’t know about the foil that @Xabbess used.

It doesn’t mention it in the videos, but I’d probably apply some extra pressure when it is complete. Just stack some books or other weights or it for a couple hours.

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For anyone who might be interested, here’s another print done on water color rag paper. I know I read that the foil won’t come out smoothly, but it’s actually a very nice look…very textured and rather subtle. I like it almost better…but that could be depending on the subject matter of the image being used. There are both silver and gold on this, as I just used up two scraps laying around.


Here’s another thing you can try: toner paint. I mixed some copier toner refill material (a small bottle of the powder is available online for about $7) with Mod Podge and a little water, and you can use the resulting paint with a cosmetic sponge and a stencil to apply designs to paper or cardstock. After it dries it will not smear, but will foil nicely just like the laser printed items.


Thanks…I’ll sure keep it mind. I remember some round of conversation on here about using toner powder…and this idea would be great fun with some freehand work.

I think I like this even more than the full color one!


Thanks…I think I do, too. Definitely lots of experimentation is in order. :slight_smile:

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