My question is about connecting to my iPhone. I have my hotspot enabled, connected my phone to the Glowforge. But then on the screen where it asks you to choose your network, I don’t see my hotspot. I tried manually entering the name and password, but that landed me on an error message telling me to start over.
Am I missing something in the hotspot process?

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Have you disabled your wifi? In general, using a hotspot would not be different than any other setup up. Perhaps this video will help: Set up again - #4 by Jules


Is your computer already connected to the hotspot, too?

hi, i currently don’t have WIFI, im waiting for the new router from t-mobile but its on back order until
August!! i wanted to use my phone service- hotspot.

yes, i connected my ipad to the phone service.

Yours may be different, but my iPhone cannot function as a wifi “hot spot” while connected to wifi (in your case, you said you have it connected to the Glowforge, presumably during setup mode.)

They are exclusive.

Disconnect the phone from the GF setup wifi, ensure hot spot is enabled, and use another device to connect directly to the GF setup wifi and complete setup from there.

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in Your iPhone go into SETTINGS
look for PERSONAL HOTSPOT - click on it
you will see the screen, make sure you set a simple wifi password
and ‘allow others to join’ - also turn on
“maximize compatibility” since the glowforge ‘speaks’ the older 802.11 speeds
then go back to your glowforge and look for the hotspot name you just created “Montsematt’s iPhone”


Not sure if you are using the same setup as I do, but I have been iPhone only since I got the GF. Here are my steps (and I have to do these every time I power up the GF, regardless of what everyone else says).

  1. Plug iPhone into laptop via usb and connect to internet that way. Press GF button for 10 seconds, until it turns teal.
  2. Go to laptop settings(Network Settings) Select “mobile hotspot” and choose to share my laptop’s mobile hotspot.
  3. Go to laptop settings(Network Settings) and select WiFi settings and select Show Available Networks. Select your GF and hit connect.
  4. Go to Chrome to the GF setup page and click through to connect it. When you get the “Huzzah”, refresh the list and select to connect to your Laptop network.
    Go to dashboard and wait for it to center and go.
    And yes, I’ve tried everyone else’s suggestions and still have to do all these steps every time. Waiting, not so patiently, for Elon Musk to send me a satellite dish.
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If your computer doesn’t have the driver to connect via usb, connecting to the iPhone via WiFi works also, as long as you are connecting to you shared laptop connection in step4.