House Numbers v3 | Lighting the way Pt. 2

Supplies: Proofgrade 1/4"(clear / sanded to frost) & 1/8" Textured ABS - Total op Time: 17 mins.

This is version 3 as we have moved a couple months ago. The old design was left behind. It was illuminated numbers with a brushed aluminum plate and had the edges lit. (Example below.)

Fully addressable LEDs /w a inductive speaker.

This time around I wanted something modern looking and sleek.

The backer is 1/8" clear proofgrade sanded for 10-20 secs with an orbital sander to frost/defuse the light coming from the back. The cover is a texture 1/8" black ABS.

The controller is a ESP-01s configured with ESPHome and linked up to Home Assistant. Linked to a strip of WS2812B (144 per meter. So pretty dense.) A 24V to 5V DC to DC convertor.

I cut the clear with a score to act as a guide to make sure I align the standalone bits in the zero and the nine correctly.

Then I cut out the black ABS.

Mock assembly of the two parts.

The one step I should mention was testing the black to make sure there was no light leakage to get the desired effect.

(The main reason why I went for the 144 pixels per meter was to get silky smooth color wheels and smooth color changing between patterns. With the texture of the wall it really pops.

Single colors looks great also.

(I had extra’s of the siding to test with.)

The frosted back and the number location is static to the mount. And the Black ABS can be cycled out with different pieces that can be holiday themed.

And it mounted outside.

And it doing scheduled holidays with the other lights.


Your neighbors are jealous.


Very neat!

Presumably still readable in the daytime?

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Your lighting projects are always a treat. I have to say I like your new numbers even better than the old ones—they seem so subtle and sleek. But where’s the action shot? :laughing:

PS: envious of your garage space.


I’m a huge lighting guy and this combination is amazing! I may be borrowing a couple of your ideas when I do my own new numbers if you don’t mind? I’ll post it here when I’m done if that happens soon enough tlfor me to remember :crazy_face:


Awesome sauce. It would be wasted on my house since if you are here and not coming to see me, then you are lost.

Truthfully super results.
Have one question though. Not judging , but.


Super cool! Love it

I have wished for something like your old set of numbers every time the delivery folks say they cannot find the numbers on the house, however the new setup is quite stunning, :grin:

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Whoa! That’s fantastic. Great work.

Wow! This is amazing!! I love the light shows! The house number design looks awesome.

A what? If that was supposed to say ‘flagpole’, No.

Looks fantastic!

What’s a flahploe? Don’t think my HOA would allow it.


I suppose you put up three poles with a chain across to keep people from just Flahploing in your driveway when there is a party down the street. :grin:

Super cool

This is it running the fire effect for halloween.

During trick or treating in the garage we have two Ikea sonos clones (podcasts/music in the woodshop) with the garage cracked open about a 1ft and it was playing old school scary sounds. When motion was detected at the pathway, it would make the lights in front rooms & in the garage flash like a lightning strike (Lighting effect (LiFX bulbs) and a random spooky laugh track will play. The house numbers would pulse like a heartbeat. Then my wife would open the door and slide candy down a 8ft 4" dia. pipe. Was pretty fun.

The goal with the lighting in the front of the house was a stealth install that can stay out there year round. And have all the holidays & birthdays scheduled up. And let Home assistant do its thing. No setup or take down. Just code. From my warm shop.


Your place looks like a fun one for Halloween!

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Awesome. Love this!

Yeah, I blame my fat fingers.
If not for a flagpole, then what is that hole for?
Looks rather intentional.

Water Meter and the radio transmitter.