How about some development news?

As I wait patiently for the Glowforge release, I see all this good promotional news. How about filling us in on what’s going on with development? or any inside information on what’s been working, what’s not? A nerd like me would find beta devs interesting.

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CES just ended and the team is playing catch up right now.
As much as the team would love to tell everyone what’s up, it’s just not a good idea to toss out info that is not hardcore facts and can change during the beta testing process.
I will however leave you with this…


Are you say this out of speculation? Or you know this for a fact?

@dan can fill in the details if he has time.

I did not say this, I was not here. :wink:


I am not going to say something by saying thing is- you know annoying.

Sorry you feel that way.
I think maybe if you heard what I was saying in person (as apposed to text), you would get the inflection of my humor (maybe not?).
You know the beta testers can not talk about the progress at this time. That is why I flagged @dan to this thread, so he can see it and reply as needed.

Yes, what I said is facts.

I’m surprised nobody’s noticed the two big visible changes in the pictures folks have posted of the CES machines yet…


I’m all ears…

I think he’s saying we need to be all eyes…

One of these things, is not like the other… one of these things, is not the same…

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What is it dan?!?!

Tell my ears what pictures he’s talking about, and then I’ll be all eyes…

There were a bunch of obvious differences but didn’t comment because I am unsure of the significance. I did comment before about the fluid reservoir. I saw that the laser tube and tube mounts were quite different. Wasn’t sure if that was a production tube or not. I also wondered about the metal triangular pointer in the center of the gantry. It was mounted so as to be adjusted and had markings so thought it was for alignment of something. Just occurred to me that the new ribbon cable might have been for the Hi-Res camera and optics. Maybe that wasn’t operational at Maker Faire.


Well, that’s anti-climactic. Both my eye balls and ear balls are disappointed.

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That’s because you were not playing the music I linked to above… Silly you!:wink:

I gave warning and everything…


Leave it to you to notice such things…
Dr. Frankenstein would be so proud…


That’s the best thing I’ve ever seen, @spike.

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They also seem to have added a sharpie to the unit…


The pointer bracket seems to be for the ribbon cable mount. It looks as if they have added lighting on the other side as well.