How accurate is Glowforge

How accurate should my glowforge pro be when setting up material for print?
When I use “set focus” it is close to where i position the artwork but 1/8" or more off target.
And where do I position the set focus? - in the middle of artwork or edge ?

The Glowforge specs state that camera alignment is warranted to within 1/4". Most of us get much better accuracy than that. The best visual alignment is directly under the lid camera and the poorest is in the far corners. Always use the set focus tool where you intend to place your design. You can use the set focus tool multiple times before clicking print. If you need precision placement for printing, you need to make a jig.


Thanks, I’m new at this, how does a jig make precision placement

Creating a jig allows the users to repeatedly place their material and design in the same spot. Here are lots of discussions of jigs: Search results for 'jig' - Glowforge Owners Forum


It depends (doesn’t everything!)
If I’m trying to fit it onto a piece of material that’s just big enough I’ll do it multiple times around all the edges to make sure none of them fall over (remember the view is only for the last place you did Set Focus, so don’t adjust something on the other side based on this side.)
If I’m doing something in the corner of a brand new sheet, I just do as far right and down as I can get so it’s closest to the edge.

If you want to see if you can get even closer than your 1/8" (some of us have gotten to sub mm) you can try running the Camera Calibration. Keep in mind that there are no guarantees beyond the 1/4", but I found it to be worth it :slight_smile:

Once you’ve run it, you should never need to do so again unless you move your machine or something major.

Also - it says use a clean sheet of proofgrade, what it needs is a flat piece of anything. Many have found that a nice piece of cardboard coated with paper masking (so it’s a solid white) does just as well.

This is my favourite picture (belongs to @rbtdanforth) of how accurate this machine can be :slight_smile:


Remember of course, use set focus at the place most critical (like the corner yuo don’t want to go past) and only adjust the placement After! you use set focus.


Thanks I will cvheck out

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I think I forgot to thank you


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