How are tags managed?

Are tags managed by mods, or are members with a high enough experience level allowed to create them like in Stack Overflow? When I type in a tag that doesn’t exist there’s no option to create it or to submit it for consideration.

I’ve been posting lately on how I use my :glowforge: to enhance my woodturning and discovered we have several other woodturners in the forum. I thought “woodturning” would be a useful tag. Is there a process to request it?

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This forum is run on Discourse, which has a concept of user levels, that are automatically given when different conditions are met. Different user levels get granted permission to do different things on the forum, kind of like automatically assigned moderators.

There are members here that can add and edit the tags on posts. I appear to be one of them. I don’t know specifically why (what activity I did to gain that user level), but I’m able to edit the tags on this post and I just added “woodturning” as a tag. Perhaps that’ll let you select it on your other posts.


If I can recall, some of the topics don’t allow even regular users to add tags. Some do. I don’t think free laser designs allows it.


Oooh, it does! Thanks for the tag and thanks for the info on Discourse!


Apparently, I’m an irregular user.


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