How can I engrave on Baltic Birch so it does not look so dark?

I have done some engravings on 1/8" Baltic Birch plywood and the engraved words look very dark but the image I engraved, on the same piece, is much lighter. I have been using the same settings as the bass wood. I have also noticed pieces that others have engraved are much lighter and I would like to know how to achieve that look and what settings to use.

You should experiment with power and speed settings for the wood that you are using. This is very rewarding, and a great way to become a power user of your machine. Make sure that you write down the settings for the test cuts, because, trust me you will not remember them.

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So would I increase or decrease the power and speed settings?

Where it lands on the same piece of wood with the same settings can differ a lot between winter and summer wood.

Yes, I have noticed that. I am getting a dark, almost burnt engraving and a light engraving on the same piece. Could it also have anything to do with the type of image it is?

That is mostly species dependant. Some are strongly different others are not. Experimenting is key, and also desired outcome. Fuller power and higher speed reduce the effect somewhat, multiple passes and lower power and speed increase the effect.

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Ok, thank you, I need to do some experimenting and hopefully I can get the look I want.

Yes, do the experimentation and save the pieces - they do not have to large. I write the settings on the actual piece and just toss them in a drawer for later reference.


This might help get you started

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Yes, thank you! I can’t wait to try this!