How can I post on Discord?

I went to the Glowforge Discord for the 1st time, read and agreed to rules, I am a GF Pro owner and have been a member in Discord for a couple years, it tells me in the dimmed out line that I don’t have permission to chat.

This one’s for you @emilyhuh :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi @rhgrafix - Have you been able to go through the steps to verify your account and link your Glowforge account to your Discord account? Here are the instructions:

Click on the Glowforge Server name on the top left and select Linked Roles .
Click the Glowforge Bot link and follow the instructions to complete the link to your Glowforge account.
Now you’re all verified and can see all the channels and you’ll be able to post, upload pictures, and all the things.

If you have any issues, please at mention me and I can help. Thank you!


Thanks for tagging me @Xabbess !!


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