How close to vent hose do you need to be to smell the glowforge output?



I was looking at purchasing a condo, and now that we have some Production units out in the wild, I think this may be a good time to ask:

How much of an odor does the Glowforge make? How close would you have to be to the vent output to be able to smell it (regardless of how good/bad the material smells)?

I have been looking for only units on the highest floor, as I have been informed that the smell/particles tend to float upwards. Is this generally true?


There’s been a bit of talk about odor control. Not sure if this has the info you need, but this is a recent thread. :slight_smile:


Now that is Glowforge dedication.


It’s really dependent on the outdoor conditions. In my case, if there’s no wind at all (rare in Colorado) you can smell it 20-30 ft away. However, if there’s a light or medium wind, the odor is only noticeable downwind. If the wind is really strong, it can (and has) backed the odors into my workshop after the fan stops. :confounded:

My impression has been that particulates drop rather than float upwards, btw. YMMV.


Anyone have any info about the filters yet? Are they supposed to negate the odor completely?


Don’t know yet. :upside_down:


Poo. Pretty impossible to plan a location - or even measure the actual value of the filter still then. :unamused:

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