How deep can it cut, not only engrave, wood?

I have a 3/4" deep wood cutting board and I wanted not only to engrave it but to make a design that goes all the way through. Would I be able to do that?
The attached image is a sample.

The deepest you’ll be able to engrave/cut is 1/4". You’ll need to use a drill for something like the eye and either a jigsaw or bandsaw to cut the shape. They are working on being able to flip the piece and cut through a further 1/4" (1/2" total). Another option for you if you really need the 3/4" is to go to a CNC router machine, you’ll be able to do everything you want on that.

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layer it.

you can only cut 1/4 inch so just make 3 of them and glue it together and you will have your 3/4 cutting board.

p.s engraving a cutting board sounds like it will be hard to clean…just saying.

I would be more worried about destroying the image with my sharp knives. If the engraving is too deep to clean with a scrubber…
Engraved side out for display on the shelf or counter, engraved side down for cutting on the reverse side.


Sounds good to me

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you could reach out to @dwardio and ask him how cleaning works. I saw that he was doing some pretty detailed cutting boards when he asked about registration here:

@jbv is correct – the engraved obverse is typically for display leaving the blank reverse for cutting. The Flammarion board is used for cutting fruit / veg when making cocktails. I would never use an engraved board for meats (or a wood board of any kind for them).

That being said, cutting on the engraving is pretty easy to clean up with a nylon scrubber and a drop of “clear” dish-washing soap. When it starts to dry out (I live in a high desert), I apply cutting board oil, let it soak in a bit, then wipe it down. Good as new.

One last thought – I typically avoid deep, narrow engraving to minimize the devious little crevices that can trap food & pathogens!


exactly my point…but you said it smarter

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I picked up three 12x18" bamboo cutting boards at the local big box hardware store yesterday at the pre-Thanksgiving sale. Took orders from family for engraving designs.

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