How do I add fonts to the font library

I have found a group of fonts I want to add to the font library. First is it possible to add a font type and where would you find the direction for adding them?
Any help is appreciated.

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You can’t add fonts to the GF font library. Those are a curated selection of fonts. That said, it’s generally best to do as much editing as you can in a editing software like Illustrator or Affinity Designer or Inkscape and import final designs into the GF. You can use all of your fonts in those tools.


Thank you Christy that was my assumption, I will go to Inkscape to use those fonts.

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If you happen to open Inkscape and not see your new fonts, go to the folder you downloaded those fonts to, right click on one of them, and choose “Install for All Users” instead of “Install”. Reload Inkscape and you’ll see the font now.

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if nothing else i use a notebook to log everything i run through my glowforge. the speed the cut setting the lpi and the fonts and have caught myself jotting down the design of is it curved and how much or not. the fonts are a tricky thing to do if your not savvy to it but with practice everything gets easier.

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