How do I add my glowforge friend to the forums now


I see I can add a user when I get my pro but can I add my partner in crime on now so she can participate in the forums and get email notifications ?


You might want to push this thread over to problems and support or E-mail


I don’t think they have that part set up yet, but I can move it to Problems and Support so they’ll see it.


This is @joe using the account my wife created when I used the new “Add a user” feature to add her. She followed the link when she got the email and created an account. And now she has access to the forum. Now to see if I can get her to participate!


This is @joe and I approve this message. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


they don’t get notified when a thread gets moved though, only when it gets created here.


Oh bother! You’re right…I forgot.

Let me tag @Rita so the team sees it.


Did you get a shipping notice? The “Add User” button appears in the GFUI. So if you don’t have access to the app yet, then I don’t believe your bestie will get added until then. But I could be wrong. I didn’t see any other way to add a user.


I haven’t gotten the magical email. I just wanted her to get as pumped as I am with all the great posts on this forum


The forum is publicly available to all for reading, she just won’t be able to post. So go ahead and share the forum web address with her.


I’m so glad to hear that you’re excited to forge with friends!

Right now, you can only invite someone using the Glowforge app which you’ll have access to when your Glowforge arrives. You can, however, share a link to the forum, they just won’t be able to post.

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