How do I change my Glowforge's name?


I chose the first name that occurred to me - but have now been outvoted. :slight_smile:

How do I change my Glowforge’s name?




Send a note to Support or Rita and they’ll take care of you :slight_smile:


Really?!?! No user accessible setting for this?!

Huh. Okay.



Isn’t it weird? Not that I’d change the name, but I’ve thought about trying a coupe of others on for size… just to see. Since we live 15 minutes from it, we considered naming ours Valley. As in Valley Forge. Now that I write this, I wonder “Do people know Valley Forge?”

I’m no history buff, but a lot of the Revolutionary War happened right here. President Washington lead troops right through the town I’m in (Pottstown). I know a lot of people don’t know how much Pennsylvania lends to the history of the country. Liberty Bell, sure. But most don’t know the capital of the country was here (in 3 different cities over the years!).

Having lived here (almost) all of my life, I understand it’s easy to miss what’s right in front of you. It’s so much fun to play tourist in your own area though. TRY IT! :slight_smile:


Funny you would mention this. Not long ago,I jokingly said that I could name mine that…just because of the two words giving new meaning. And I do live in a valley here in Oregon! We visited Valley Forge several years ago. My son and his soon-to-be new wife lived in Drexel Hill. We had rented a car and drove to Valley Forge. It was fascinating. I loved seeing it. When I was in high school, I thought American history was the most boringest subject, but now that I’m older and wiser, it interests me more and more. I was completely taken by all the history that abounds back there. We also drove to Brandywine…truly amazing.

Both my son and his wife work in Philly, but have since moved from Drexel Hill to Collingswood, NJ…and now just recently to Delaware (cheaper property taxes)…but still commute into Philly. We take turns visiting and they will be here in Oct. Most likely, we’ll be going east again next spring and we look forward each trip to visiting some new historical place.


Yes. It’s the name of the spaceship in Silent Running. :wink:


Sure! I know Drexel Hill well. Small world, eh? I’ve certainly been in Collingswood, too. Smart move to DE from NJ (for any number of reasons).

I agree that, as a teenager, history (American or otherwise) is possibly the single most boring thing ever. I think there’s a time when somebody admires something and wonders more about it. But until that time there’s almost no point in trying to explain it to somebody. Next time you come out this way we’ll have to grab some dinner!

You’re right! I’d forgotten all about that movie! I still mostly forget it. Bruce Dern was some sort of ecologist/botanist or something? And seemingly the only one who really cared about things? And his shipmates were douche-monkeys who raced through his gardens on space go-karts. Been a while. That’s pretty much all I remember. As I recall, it was like Dark Star only it wanted to be a serious movie.


Given where I live, I’ve though about calling mine The Alamo (remember it?), but that’s not nearly so clever as Valley Forge.


I’ve asked about this a couple months ago and the response was to reinitiate the setup routine. But that doesn’t currently work. It seems like once the setup script detects that the machine ID has been setup once before it, skips passed the ‘Name your Glowforge’ page. If you click the back button right when it shows the ‘confetti page’- it shows the naming page but what ever name you enter gets ignored and it throws you back into the dashboard. Also to note the machine naming does not support symbols or special characters.


They just changed that. You can use extended characters now. It was in a recent update.


Yup I saw the update. But as of 9 mins ago actually testing it. It does not.


Might be only for new setups or when Support maks the change for you.


Yeah, those stories are amazing! I read about it in more depth I believe it was in one of David McCollough’s books. He writes a lot about that era, and if you’ve not read one of his books, grab one. They’re fantastic! I always knew that our soldiers had a really rough time at Valley Forge, but to read about it in detail and know just know just how close to defeat Washington and his men were…wow!


The revolution was so close to being quashed. Partially due to the losses in the Valley Forge area. That area includes what is now known as Fort Washington, as well as what is now known as Wayne (named for General “Mad” Anthony Wayne), and even my current hometown of Pottstown… John Potts was a loyalist. Dammit! I know more about the history here than I thought! I just visited the George Douglass House yesterday. Can’t go in it right now. Being renovated a little. But it’s right off a bike trail I ride with my son. We had 3 generations biking yesterday since my Dad joined us. We checked out the house though and learned a bit more history.


That’s really cool that you were able to do that. ha ha…too funny about him being a loyalist.


I thought you could rerun the setup and put in a new name. Is that not the case?


No. You need to contact Support.


Good to know. Pick wisely the first time.


@makerblock, I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.