How do I change where glowforge says engrave when I want to cut?

I’m very new just got glowforge pro and when I upload a svg file it will say engrave and not give me the option to cut out the whole design!! Please help me!! I want to cut!

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First off, have you completed the Glowforge tutorials?

In order for the Glowforge to cut or score, the lines must be vectors. It sounds like your file is a raster image (svg files can contain both vector and raster elements) or has filled vector shapes. Rasters can only be engraved, not cut or scored.

This post may be helpful to you: Glowforge Interface - Vector Files Made Easy 🤔


If you have premium, you can add an outline to the image and it will cut around it. Not sure what you’re trying to accomplish. The tutorials are very helpful! And, find a software that you can begin to learn. Inkscape is free and it’s the one i used when i first joined and had similar questions!


When you completed setup of your machine, you were directed to the first basic tutorials which cover the essentials of cutting and engraving.


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