How do I clean this?

The 45° mirror inside my print head has a scorch mark on it. I suspect this may be the cause of my problems with cuts not making it through proofgrade materials. Can I clean this myself?

Here are the official cleaning instructions:


Thanks for the link. Unfortunately, it doesn’t provide instructions for cleaning the internal 45° mirror

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You won’t find me making a recommendation either. Hopefully one of the support folks see this pretty soon.


If that’s a scorch mark on the mirror then I suspect it is way beyond cleaning. The mirror is a first surface coated mirror. Cleaning dust, smoke or even finger prints would be possible with care but the coating looks burned.

Fortunately the mirror is a user replaceable part. No suggestions from me. Wait for Support.


Here are some direct photos of the mirror:

Looks like I need a replacement mirror:

What could have caused this after only a week of moderate use?

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Of this is due to proofgrade, I would argue this as a warrenty part replacement.

The material could not have caused this. However I imagine it’s still a warranty replacement. (Unless there is some abuse that could have caused this.)


I assure you that I’ve been kind to Hephaestus. He has only been tasked with fairly straightforward endeavors since he was unboxed :slight_smile:

I have no doubt.

That could definitely be a cause for the cutting problem.
The only thing I can imagine is debris of some sort on the mirror that caused the energy to be deposited instead of reflected.
8 months of moderate to heavy use and nothing like that ever happened with the PRU.

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Perhaps @Rita could respond with a suggestion on how to handle the replacement.

@vee responded and provided a credit to cover the cost of a replacement 45º mirror. I’ll try to close this thread now.

Thanks for your patience, @CharlesDarwin. I can close the thread for you since we’ve followed up by email.

If you run into any other problems, please go ahead and start a new thread. And thanks for the information in this thread, everyone!