How do I contact forum Admin / Moderators?

I’ve been looking around the forum for a little while now and the closest thing I could find is the list of admins on the ‘about’ page. Beyond that, I haven’t heard back from the message that I did send to someone on that list though its only been a day.

I must be blind and missing the giant sign that says “contact this person for forum help”. Should we be sending forum help requests through the support@glowforge email?

Basically, in the case that we need help that we don’t want to put in a post, who do we message and why isn’t it more obvious?

*again, I might be blind and just missing it - please help a blind guy :slight_smile:

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Send an email to

(per Josh and Dan) :slight_smile:

so it depends on Your question if its something about the forum its self as a tool or if its about the glowforge. In many cases a private message to a regular may get you an answer other wise a message to staff tags but I don’t know how often they answer

Regulars do have some moderator privilege

I’ll pm you and we’ll see if it works out.

I’m pretty familiar with how forums operate and the gradually elevated rights of discourse is a neat feature. I guess what I’m getting at is that wouldn’t it make sense for there to be an obvious and direct way of contacting a superuser or at least contacting a mod that can then forward to an invisible superuser in necessary cases? I can see what you mean about earning privileges and maybe a regular or leader or other can help but that still leaves open… who?

Try sending an email to, that may well be your best bet.
You can also mention to @dan or @rita that there is something you need help with.

@jkopel’s got it right - I check PMs rarely/never on the board. This is a place for community discussion, so it’s best for posting publicly. If you have a private question, every email to support@ gets answered by someone (@rita or I, if nobody else can figure it out!)


Thanks @dan for the definitive - I’ll try @Rita first and go from there

Sorry if I was unclear: you should try, not messaging @rita directly, as that’s the place where she makes sure everything gets answered. PMs here may not be.

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Thanks to everyone who helped out with this! It’s good to see such an attentive community and business team.


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Hi and welcome to the forums. The Announcements area always has the latest info. Please look about halfway down the first post in this topic:

You should receive an email asking for your shipping address by March 2017. That will be when your machine is about to ship.