How do I convert a photo to a layered wall hanging?

I have several landscape photos that would translate nicely into a layered wall-hanging, The question is how ? Is there a program available ?

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That might depend on what you mean by “layered wall hanging”…

If you mean something like this, you would use your design app of choice, and trace the picture using various settings and edit so that the pieces can be stacked.


AFAIK there is not a program that does it automatically…it had to be done manually.

What I’ve done in the past (in is use a combo of the “lasso select”, “magic wand”, and “posterization” functions in the graphics program to lowers the photo down to only a few colours/areas. Then you can use those individual colours as outlines to cut out that section of the photo. It’ll depend on the picture of course, but it’s worth a chance :slight_smile:



I then import those individual colours into my vector program and create outlines, then print the image and cut and layer away :slight_smile:

Hope that helps!


thanks , you pointed me in the right direction .

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