How do I cut around a custom artwork?

Hello, Creatives!

How do I cut out my artwork? Engraving is great but I don’t want a bunch of rectangular art. I generated the artwork in Photoshop. I dropped a thin line around the outside of the image, thinking I could mark that as a cut line rather than an engraving line, but that was not an option. Should I use Illustrator? If I need to do that, then what is the process for creating a cut line on a complex form? I’ve uploaded the image hot off the Glowforge press. Thanks in advance!

You can either add the outline using a vector illustration app like Illustrator, or if you have Glowforge Premium, you can use the outline button right there in the GF website.


Nice artwork, you are talented. As for cutting around it; if you have premium, you can either make an outline around the engrave and that will follow the outside contours of the design or if you would like it in a circle or oval, choose insert shape and place it around the artwork. Sorry, I don’t use photoshop, but in the GUI, it is the color of the line that separates it from the engrave. Make it a different color than your artwork and assign it to cut. That’s all I can add for now, but someone who is much more experienced in design than I will be along to help.


Thank you for the quick reply, @dan84! I missed the glow forge outline button. Trying it now!

That side toolbar will appear after you’ve selected anything on the art board. So click on your artwork, then click the create outline button.


Perfection! Thank you again, @dan84 and @rappee25407 ! I know how I will be spending my weekend!


Also if you wanted to make that a pendant or have text under it you can include a circle with the image, do the outline, and then make the circle smaller and the outline will keep the same thus make a way to hang it. Likewise a rectangle will set aside the space for the outline even if you delete the rectangle.


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