How do I edit purchased SVG files

I purchased a couple SVG files on etsy. I am trying to separate certain sections so I can print them on different colors but the glowforge app will not let me select specific spots on the image and I can only select the entire image. PLEASE HELP! :slight_smile: thanks!

Hey welcome!

You’ll need to download or buy a vector editor. I assume you’re not familiar with them since you’re asking but the most popular options are inkscape (free) affinity (like 50 bucks) or illustrator (subscription).

Vector editing is a very deep topic and it’s definitely going to be a learning experience.

The good news is that for most things what you’re trying to do is pretty simple. The not so great news is that I know you purchased this design so posting it here for one of us to help you out is probably not in the rights of your purchase.

So anyway, inkscape or one of the others is what you need.


In the meantime there are so many things to learn it’s probably overwhelming. This sort of guide can help you get going:


Oh yeah, one last thing I forgot to mention. Sometimes with purchased designs you can go back to the seller and ask them to modify it for your needs. It will depend on the seller of course, but you never know.


Adding to @evansd2, CorelDraw offers a student/teacher version for around $100 that includes PhotoPaint and Corel Font Manager… and it is NON-subscription.

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