How do I engrave on metallic items such as knives or MacBooks?

Hello everyone, I’m having issues trying to engrave on knives and/or cutlery. I haven’t been able to successfully engrave on anything yet. Is there anyone that can help with this issue? Thank you and God Bless,


Hi Eddie!
The MacBook is an anodized aluminum body, the laser will remove that oxide coating. A search for ‘engraving anodized aluminum’ will give you some insight to settings.

Carbon steel and stainless (knives) reacts by having a dark oxide deposited. Again, search is your friend.


Thank you for the reply. I have searched for about a week and haven’t found anything yet on either. I’m not to familiar with this unorthodox forum setup I guess, lol. Would it be possible to share those links if you have them readily available? I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you and God Bless,


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I t depends very much on what your knives are made of.
The “silver bullet” is something like theramark which will enable a visible mark on almost any metal.

Other then that try something like these folks:

I was able to etch deeply into a high carbon steel ruler:


The search button is the magnifying glass on the top-right of the forum:

There are dozens of posts if you try @PrintToLaser’s suggestion of “engraving anodized aluminum.”

Your best bet is @jkopel’s… A 40W CO2 laser will not be able to do much more than slightly discolor many metals. TherMark/CerMark will leave a permanent mark on most metals, however, so it’s really your best bet. For your anodized aluminum, I’d guess you can use some typical settings for anodized aluminum to get the result you’re looking for, but I’d test with an old, dead unit before I screw up a real laptop. :slight_smile:

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