Etching steel? Yes

Even cutting it if it is thin enough…


What settings did you use?


Turn it up all the way. Speed 100, max power, 1335 lpi. (Or whatever max is)
This is on a basic.
I think in the etching there is some strange mechanism where it is not actually ablating the metal, it is just drastically speeding up oxidation. Precision rusting if you will. I expect it will be very alloy specific.

The cutting action is just like a plasma cutter or OA torch. Get it hot enough and provide enough air flow and it will sustain combustion. That works better if you back it up with an insulator like slate.


I love that you chose to use Fe for etching steel. :slight_smile:

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It was the elementary choice, I have good ideas periodically.


ROFL! (pun) :smile:
Wouldn’t have expected that…might actually be able to hang on to my rulers now without painting them pink.

All of them!


I think you’re spot on here. My grandfather is the metallurgist in the family, but that looks a lot like you made a layer of Fe3O4 on top of the steel.

To be clear, the end result once you clean it out is “deeply” etched into the surface. After 27 minutes of engraving I ended up about .002" - .003" deep.

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