How do i get a copy of the GLOWFORGE PRO LSO TRAINING MAUAL i never recieved the email!

I need help on downloading the glowforge pro lso manual as I never received the email from the company please anyone any help would be great!!


Hey thanks for the info though I’m looking for a specific manual that was emailed to us apparently when the machine was purchased . It is titled
apparently you had to get a code to open the manual?

Sorry, I can’t help. I got my Pro before this product. How about this:

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This is referring to:

Glowforge Pro Only: Class 4 Laser Safety & LSO Training

Because the Glowforge Pro has pass-through slots, it is a Class 4 laser device. For safe operation, a Class 4 laser device should be operated under a laser safety program under the control of a Laser Safety Officer (LSO). Training for LSOs normally costs more than $1,000, but Glowforge has worked with leading laser safety training experts to prepare materials so that you can act safely as the LSO for your Glowforge Pro.


The Glowforge Pro LSO Training materials are emailed to all Glowforge Pro owners as a password-protected PDF.

It’s not new – I bought my Glowforge on day 1 and I received an e-mail titled “Your Glowforge Pro Laser Safety Training” with the document and password. Assuming you bought a Pro, and they’re stil doing this, check your spam folder.

I will say in my humble opinion… unless you actually need this for certification purposes, there’s nothing in that manual worth writing home about.


They are individually pass coded, I suspect so they could to be tied to each machine for legal reasons.

Mine was send when my machine shipped, two years after purchase. It came from their zendesk account, so yours might have been flagged as spam.

@eyeforaneyewear I will follow up via email with instructions on how to access your LSO training manual.