How do I get to this glowforge catalog?

In the presentation video there is a great catalog with awesome things to do (like putting your macbook and choosing designs) but now that I have my Glowforge and I open the catalog link none of the great things are there… only basic stuff… how do you get the catalog from the video (image)?? And how do i get the Glowforge to recognize my MacBook?? :frowning:

Catalog is only available to those who have already received their :glowforge:. It is at There are still quite a few designs from the video that have not yet been added.


Sadly you do what the rest of us do, wait. I just noticed that there are several new things there though since last time I looked.
It looks as if most of the offices focus is on getting pre-ordered :glowforge: out as it should be but it is a shame that they can’t recruit more help so they could focus on more than one thing at a time.


I only count 60 items, which is the same as there was the last time I counted (in the first week or two of November). It would be nice to see more items (particularly more types of items) show up sometime soon.

When you provided your address to get your GF you had to click through a page that spelled out what functionality exists already and what is still to come. You can do most of the things in the video, but a lot of stuff has to do be done manually right now although they still plan to support the magic automatic stuff in the future. Right now their priority is on getting everyone’s GF shipped (and in fixing bugs in basic functionality). Everything else will come later in software upgrades.


Funnily enough I didn’t even know that url, and I’ve had mine for a bit over a month. Everything so far has been original designs. Thanks for the link, I’ll go when I’m looking for inspiration :slight_smile:

[edit: this illustrates that there are some areas to improve in the overall ui, I think]

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Could definitely use “Purchased”, 'Uploaded" and “Free” quick filters in the catalog!