How do I join the affiliate program

Hi, I’ve owned a GF Pro now for over a year and would like to join the affiliate program. How do I go about doing that?



I am not sure what you mean by the affiliate program.


If you just mean that you would like to give your discount code to people, just go to your machine name from the dashboard in the upper right. Click it. And there’s the link for your discount code.


Sorry that it wasn’t explained clearly - here is how the purchase referral program works.

We’ve created a special referral link to share with your friends. You can find yours by logging in to and clicking on “Referral” in the top right corner. You can also see how many people have used your link to buy a Glowforge unit for themselves.

If your friends click a referral link before making a purchase, they will save $500 off the price of a Pro and $250 off the price of a Plus or $125 off the price of a Basic. You’ll get a payment of the same amount, or 120% of that total in Glowforge credit!

You can learn more about the program at