How do I recalibrate?

How do I recalibrate the machine it has messed up several cuts because every single time I click print it moves the image slightly and I didn’t notice it at first as I was not expecting it to. Is there a way to fix this issue?

What you are seeing is a result of the fisheye effect of the lid camera. It’s going to appear to be closer right under the lid camera, and more pronounced out at the edges of the bed.

There is a program to correct for it called the Recalibration tool. Use of that along with Set Focus corrects the appearance so the results will come out closer to where you expect them to.

The Recalibration program is described here. Be sure to follow the directions closely.

Recalibrate the Lid Camera


You can avoid this by using the set focus tool. When you use the tool, make sure that the red beam falls on your design on your material.


What they said - but yeah, always enter the material/height before you do any positioning!

Great advice from all–but even after recalibration of the camera, and ensuring you have the correct material thickness entered, even though it may not be necessary with autofocus, the offset varies the further away from under the camera you are–had been up to 1/4", but can be significantly less, but it will still be there, after calibration. And the thicker the material, the more the difference will be noticed between the artwork as placed in the GFUI and the actual cut line…

As long as you have entered material thickness before you’ve placed your art the difference will likely be minuscule - like under a mm. Yes, under the camera will always be better from the get-go (since it doesn’t need the computer to do any math there) but that’s kinda the point of the camera calibration.
I used to be right on the 1/4" line, now I can’t even tell there’s any variation at all, even at the edge.

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