How do I separate clipart image from background?

I’m not sure where to ask this question. I am running into problems getting the Glowforge to cut around clipart images that I have saved from Microsoft Publisher into png format. It wants to cut around the document box/square. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can separate the image from the background.

You need a vector outline for the GF to cut. If you have Premium, you can create an outline right in the app, but otherwise you’re going to need to open your PNG files in a vector editing program and create an outline.


I do have premium but when I create an outline it end up tracing the square around the clip art not the image I want to cut.

Publisher is designed for print, not laser. As such, the white or transparent area around the design would not show on paper.

There are ways you can extract the artwork using a real design app, but you might as well learn to use a real design app as all you are doing is adding steps.

Thanks! That makes sense! Too much office work over the years has me using those programs :joy::slightly_smiling_face:

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I use PowerPoint for many GF-related things, but then I throw it into Inkscape and use the Trace Bitmap function. Especially things like Word Art for engraving text.

I can probably do what I need to in Inkscape alone, but I was a heavy Powerpoint user for 25 years so it’s just easier to use the Word Art feature.

I use corel paint shop to erase the background up close to the image. Then I completely erase the edges and open spaces. I can get an outline of the image using the offset on the GF.

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Ok I’ll try that. We do develop our comfort preferences. Thanks

Huh. I don’t have Corel but used it in an office job years ago. Thanks!

I was an original PaintShop user (before Corel bought them) but switched to GIMP around 2000. When I’m in design mode and will require raster image editing, I keep GIMP and Inkscape open and just copy back and forth as needed.

I’ve never heard of those programs but I’ll check them out. Thanks

Oh, yeah. It needs a transparent background for the trace to be correct, sorry about that! You should be able to do that in your paint program.

Another good program not mentioned is
It’s free and is a great photo editing software. I use it in conjunction with Inkscape to create my designs.

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Thanks I’ll check it out

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