How do I seperate lines in Illustrator so GF understands I want different actions?

I need to cut the outline and score all other lines including font (font is double lined on purpose)
When I load the design, glowforge does not see/recognize as separate. I can only score, cut. or engrave the entire design.

Give the Score lines one color in Illustrator. (Black). Make the outline that you want to cut a different stroke color (Red).

When you set up the run in the Glowforge interface, both will show as Cuts, but you can switch the black lines to a Score by clicking the thumbnail and then choosing Score at the top of the popout.


You are awesome! I think my terminology is incorrect so I could never find the solution!!!

Thank you SO much have a great holiday.


You’re welcome and you too! :smile:

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What she told you isn’t wrong, but the color issue is a little more subtle than that. You might like this as you get a little more advanced:


That is interesting and helpful. Maybe the community should write an advanced manual. LoL

Thank you both, see y’all in 2021!!!

Alternatively, (plugging the Premium features here) you could, with Premium, select Outline with an offset of 0.0 and that would cut the outer line for you. To me, that makes Premium worth the $15/month subscription alone, not to mention the cool free files you get.


Another user made a color template for Illustrator a while back :slight_smile:


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