How do you clean you AC infinity fan

Hello! Just checking how people clean their external fans. Can you do same process as the Glowforge internal exhaust fan procedure with the same spray? Thank you!

I don’t know about the ACInfinity, but my cheap Vivosun snaps apart around the impeller/blower and the parts are exposed if cleaning were necessary.

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Looks like it all comes apart.


ugh now my to-do list is even longer… :smiley:


My vivosun comes apart. I take the fan blades and wash and dry them. I clean the tube-y parts the same way. The only thing that stays the way it is (I’ll blow it out with compressed air) is the motor/plug combo.


You’re supposed to clean it? :crazy_face:


Thanks all. It looks like mine does come apart but the motor part is attached to the housing for the fan itself and was not sure if I should spray anything into the fan housing itself.

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