How do you follow people in this forum?

Is there a way to follow specific people in this forum? I’ve searched this question about 25 different ways and feel like I’ve click on every possible menu and I’m coming up empty. Specifically, I’m looking to follow people who consistently provide very good answers to questions I have (so I don’t have to post the questions), and people who post design techniques I’d like to explore further. Thank you!

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This forum software (Discourse) does not have a native “follow user” feature.

Here’s some discussion about why and workarounds:


Thank you! I figured it shouldn’t be that hard to find if it did have that feature. Either that or I’ve grown to old to understand how the kids use software these days. :smile:

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The best way would be to hit on their name, (or bookmark that) and then click on “Activity” and you get a list of everything they ever posted. When I see “xperson liked 5 posts” in several threads in a few minutes I presume they are doing that.


I like the bookmarking idea. Thank you!

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