How do you hide the advertisements for Glowforge Premium?

Posting here in case somebody else knows the answer before Support gets to it. Now that the Glowforge Premium trial is over, how do I hide all the Premium advertisements? I count six separate advertisements for a service I have no interest in. But, more importantly, the thing on the right covers my artwork and is not movable. Even for those who want Premium, there’s really no excuse for covering up artwork, but for those of us who don’t want it, it’s extremely annoying.

Please tell me there’s a “Hide” button somewhere.

You might include a screenshot. I see no ads (I am not subscribed.)

I even tried a different browser that I don’t use for the app., just to test, so haven’t loaded it there in weeks.

Snapshots below, with red arrows pointing to all the ads. I don’t know what else you’d call them. They don’t do anything other than try to convince me to subscribe to a service I don’t want. And they all do the exact same thing if you click on them — pop up a giant promotional page. One ad, sure. Maybe the Go Premium at the top plus the one inside the account menu. But six? And one that covers up artwork? There are lots of bad web pages that show ads obscuring content. Glowforge can do better. If anyone knows how to turn off the ads or permanently decline (and especially hide the one on the right), I’d appreciate it.

Note: I am not suggesting Glowforge Premium shouldn’t exist, just the ads. Glowforge has the right to charge for premium services, and it makes good business sense. It may be worth it to some people. But there’s nothing of use to me and they shouldn’t dun me over and over again.


OK, misunderstood. I wouldn’t call those ads. I thought you meant a banner or something intrusive.


Those are all permanent parts of the GFUI display at this point. If you wanted to hide them you’d need to utilize a plug-in to add custom css to the pages. Stylize was a good one until it got sold off and then banned for data harvesting. I use the oldest non-snooping version so I don’t know what else there is.
I utilize it for turning the forums dark gray colors so it’s not blaring white in my eyes in a dark room at night. I also used it for years to strip ads and make pages black for video viewing on Amazon.
Most sites are developing dark modes now so it’s less needed for me but you could use it to remove or adjust placement of items like this.

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Hello - those gold diamonds are used to highlight the features that are part of Glowforge Premium. I’m afraid we are unable to remove them.

Thank you for the feedback. I’ll make sure the team receives it.