How does one save layout/process/jobs in

How does one save process/layout/job files in


That is not yet a feature of the app. However, it is a frequently requested feature (you’ve increased the count and since I want this too, thank you) in the hopper of ideas they’re thinking about: Saving cut settings and Dan mentioned it was a “to do” waaay back when they announced PRUs:

However, the feature doesn’t yet show up under current development:


Keep a notebook for the time being. On the home page where the design files are kept, you can edit the name of the files. I have a few where I included the settings in the name.


This is quite possibly the feature that would benefit folks the most. Still not implemented.

Personally, I use an Excel spreadsheet. Which is probably a good idea anyway so you actually know what you’re doing rather than relying on saved settings that could disappear for some reason.


Remember, being able to save your work was not included in the original sales pitch so they are under no obligation to give that to us.

I don’t think they’re under obligation to give us anything. I recall something along the lines of “everything’s in beta, features and specs can change at any time without notice, etc.”


True. From what I hear, the Glowforge already does everything any reasonable person* could ask for. So anything beyond this point is icing on the cake.



I think we’re talking about saving two different things:

  1. Settings for non-proofgrade materials. This would certainly be nice.
  2. Jobs (with files loaded, position/scale, configuration as cut/score/engrave, etc.). This is desperately needed. Without it, it’s very easy to lose a job (reload a web page, close a tab) and it’s then impossible to exactly recreate the job to print the same thing in the same place.

Thanks for the suggestions! I’ll make sure the team gets them.