How I used my GF for Valentine's Day

I’d have published this yesterday, except then I wouldn’t have been able to tell my wife she had the one and only one in existence…

Materials: 1 sheet of medium maple ply (which leaves a lot of scrap, unfortunately), about 4" of the end of a sheet of clear acrylic, and about a 3" square of red acrylic. And glue.

There are 4 unique parts, A+B from the maple ply, C from clear acrylic, D from red acrylic. It needs 3x A, 2x B, 2x C, 1x D (D is two hearts).

The outside dimensions of A and B are identical. C fits inside of B, and is captured by an A on either side. The two D hearts go between the two clear pieces and move around freely. The parts stack as seen in this image and are simply aligned and glued together. The V of the heart is 90º so a simple alignment fixture can easily be made with some scrap wood or a couple of bricks even.

And here’s a partially exploded CAD shaded drawing of all the parts.

And here are the SVGs (which you ought to be able to save via a right click on the image), but without the text so you can add your own if you want…

Wood parts A (3x) and B (2x) cut red first.
Red Acrylic parts D (2x)
Clear Acrylic parts C (2x)


Very nice.

I’d likely split the inner ones in half so I could flip them to nest them together and save some material - although having a bunch of extra heart outline insides is probably something I could find another use for too. But for the inner layers making each layer out of 2 pieces wouldn’t show that they weren’t cut from a single piece.


Thanks for sharing. I can see a lot of fun uses for this pattern. :slight_smile:


Well, given that this went from concept to reality in about 2 hours, there wasn’t a lot of time for optimization. To be honest, I was thrilled I hadn’t screwed up and all the parts actually went together as planned. If I were to tweak it, I would add through holes on the inner 3 pieces so I could align them all on dowel pins. Then I could glue the center pieces together as a unit and only have to worry about aligning the top and bottom piece when gluing for final assembly (because of course, I did not glue them one at a time. I wet the stack down and glued 'em all at once. With Cyanoacrylate. So I was in a rush/panic to make sure everything was lined up before the glue could set. Because I wanted to get this done before I went to bed. Because I admit it, I hadn’t gotten a card :sweat_smile:).

Did come out pretty nice, though. Thanks. The fact that the smaller hearts rattle around inside the bigger heart was a big hit. Sometimes it’s the simplest designs…


That’s really nice! I’ll have to remember this one for next years valentine.

I made a quick and easy one:

Google Photos
Red 3mm felt and a piece of 3mm birch ply engraved. It says “Love is building a future together” as we are building a house.

edit translation


Nice work :sunglasses:

Spoken like the normal procrastinating male. I did her card on Valentine’s day… :roll_eyes:

"There is no one on Earth I would rather have snoring loud as f#*% beside me"


Lovely! So very nice of you to share your work!