How long before support gets back to a problem?

Is glowforge closed for the holidays? I haven’t heard back regarding an issue since Friday the 16th.

I assume they are actually super busy this time of year. By posting in this section, you have opened another support ticket which can slow things down.

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The glowforge has been down for two weeks and I stopped getting a response so now I have a 4000 paperweight. If it takes another ticket so be it.

As @mprather noted someone has to correlate all the different support tickets, and that takes away from actual support. Also most folk do not work on weekends so getting back then is less likely, plus that does not slow down the number of problems so early in the week is probably harder than the still busy end. On top of that folk do take vacation time then so there are fewer folk than usually available.

So as I understand how frustrating it is as you hit a wall of not being able to accomplish what you could easily before, I have been there as have many, and that includes a lot more than anything Glowforge related. I have seen it take weeks and I have seen it take hours. When it takes a lot of research to figure out what the problem is, they will not get back to you to tell you they have nothing to tell you. which could be more frustrating, plus it would waste time for both of you.


You forgot to say bingo.

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Mine was reported on the 11th then they closed my post and emailed a week ago today and then nothing. I will be able to use another machine starting next week but I’d like some info on mine as well!

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Hi, My name is Mercedes and I’m part of the Technical team here at Glowforge.

It looks like we got everything figured out in our email ticket thread!

I’m going to go ahead and close this forum post now. If you have any other questions or need help with anything else feel free to send a message our way by either creating an email ticket or a new forum post!