How long can I run a glowforge?

How many 1 hour engravings can the glowforge run without a break?

You’ll likely need to clean it after about 30 hours or so. (I know they say 40, but if you’re running constantly for thirty hours, stop and clean it.)

If it overheats, it pauses itself.


Depends on what burning.
If doing 3D engrave, it will need cleaning sooner than you would think if you are using woods, less so with MDF.

Stuff that does not produce as much residue will go a lot further.

If you have a good ambient temperature and are doing low/no smoke materials (ceramic, glass, anodized aluminum, slate, etc), you will have to stop for yourself prior to the machine needing to stop. I’ve done back-to-back, multi-hour engraves all day long before.

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