How long does it take for your replacement parts to ship

I am wondering how long it takes for your replacement parts to ship once you have received an email from support and you provide necessary shipping info. It’s so frustrating that you pay 6500+ cash for a machine and it’s like no one works to answer your emails. Seriously customer service needs to step up their game.

I have been there twice since I have owned my Glow Forge , here is how it works,

Once you get the Email from support and provide you the info , they abandon you .
In my case I had to wait 3 days until i got a tracking number after that email…

Than someone really cute and sweet if your lucky says there sorry , the shipment is on the way and you get the tracking numbers sent to you or you get a frog. .

But after that you are on your own.
I would say 3 to 4 days after you get your Tracking info:

Geez what a shame that with as we pay for these machines the only form of communication is through email and then in between each ones there is always a day or two or three before you receive a response.

Well thank you for sharing your experience I really appreciate it!

Although it’s always good to hear different opinions and experiences, I’m sorry that the only one you just read is a negative one. I’ve had the same machine for over three years now with no issues, so I’ve not needed much from GF support, but I do know that many have had very positive experiences, too…so I hope you will be among those, soon.

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I hope that my experience is different than the first response. I have a feeling it’s not but I would love to be able to respond to anyone with a good review of my experience with Glowforge but my hopes are not very high considering many stories are negative.

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Hi @lulu022006,

Thank you for your patience while we got your spare part ordered. I’m so sorry to have kept you waiting over the weekend! I just followed up with you directly in our open email thread with an estimate on when it will ship, along with detailed instructions regarding the installation, so I’m going to close this thread.

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