How long I have to wait

yoji minakuchi

May 5, 5:34 PM PDT

I ordered a Glowforge on Oct. 6 2015.
I have been waiting for my glowforge for 42 months.
I have no idea how long I have to wait for it?
I asked this question to glowforge again and again (4times)
However I have never got the answer.
Is this scam?

GF has answered this question many times here on the forum. This is not a scam - you have the option to cancel your pre-order at any time and get a refund. GF has delivered units all around the world. It sounds like you are in one of the countries that they are still working on resolving delivery issues with, so you have three choices:

  1. Continue to wait patiently.
  2. Set up an alternate delivery method. Some users have done this.
  3. Cancel your order.

This is the first time you have posted on the support forum, so it may be that you have the wrong email address for GF. They will see this post as it has opened a support ticket for them. You do not need to contact them in addition to this post as that will delay any official answer.


We’ve followed up on your email since this deals with your specific order and account. I’m going to close this thread, but if you have additional questions, let us know at or by posting a new topic.