How long to get a response?

Is there any other way to get ahold of an actual person? I have been trying to reach someone for 5 days! The prongs on my print head are broke and I need a replacement however I can’t get any help! This is so frustrating

email and phone are the only ways currently. So if you’ve done both of those, keep your eyes on your email. That’s about the best we can tell you. They are ridiculously slow right now in response times.


Today is a holiday, and they don’t generally work on weekends. So that’s 3 of your 5 days.

The print head, as best as I can tell, will cost you $700-800.

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This better be covered under warranty! Its only 8 months old! I’m also wondering if they are actually open because I know quite of few schools are still open today

If it’s a plus or pro then they should cover it under the 12mo. warranty if it’s a manufacturing defect.

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Yes its a plus. Trying to get it is the problem!

Please report back, it’s hard to know what to say now that the support system no longer interfaces with the forum.

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