How long to get a tracking number?

We finally got the order receipt for our replacement laser but still no tracking number. How long does it take to get a replacement sent and get a tracking number? Last time we had a malfunction with our machine they expedited shipping and we had it in 5 days. This time we’ve had a hard time receiving any help. We even purchased the extended warranty and still having a hard time with Customer Service. When will we get the tracking number??? I’m tired of waiting.

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it’s the holiday season. Things at GF move much more slowly during this time of year unfortunately. Your best bet is to sign up for notifications from all the major shippers when a label is created for your address. You’ll have a lot better luck knowing where something is in shipping that way.


In my experience, if it’s in stock, typically it ships next business day, and then you’d get the tracking info when the logistics partner updates Glowforge’s store with the order status later that night or the next day… so two business days to get the tracking. If you sign up for FedEx Delivery Manager and UPS My Choice, you’d get it a day earlier than that, since they’ll notify you right after the shipping label is made. Today’s Monday, so if you just got it ordered over the weekend, you might expect an email some time Tuesday?


Here are the links to both, However a friend of mine just signed up and he had to wait for a verification to come in the mail so it may not be much help if you too need to wait for verification now. Not sure if that is new or just because of his address…

UPS My Choice

FedEx Delivery Manager

@colby.pacek Thanks for posting! As other customers have mentioned, the time to get a tracking number can vary depending on the situation and the season. I’ve followed up in an email with more information on this particular case, so I’m going to close this topic.